Fleegle’s Blog: Japanese Knitting Symbol Primer

Fleegle's Blog: Japanese Knitting Symbol Primer

1/30/2007 · Note: all left/rights are now correct. I have had lots of mail about Japanese knitting symbols, and believe me, I wish there were a magic translation wand

Crochetpedia: Crochet Dress Patterns~ –

Crochetpedia: Crochet Dress Patterns~ -

Here are some great Dress Patterns from Crochet Masters. There are symbol patterns and measurements for the parts of the dress. Also under the picture

pattern of crocheted Cat (Amineko) / original Japanese page

Irish Crochet Together: Antique Pattern Index

Sallyann said Have just recently taken up Irish crochet after many years of embroidery. I am hoping to create a wearable garment from the motifs already completed.